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  1. UPDATE: Waiting a few hours seems to have resolved all of these issues. Summary I created collections (web), The collections appear duplicated, I remove one, Several are removed instead of just that one, I view through the phone app and everything is fine for a bit, Now I can't log in? I created a few collections last night, say: Westerns Samurai Animation and six or so others. This morning I had duplicates of each collection, identical contents when I accessed the server through the web. I tried adding a new image to one of the collections. The new image only affected one of the pairs of collections, so they seemed like completely distinct copies. I picked one of the duplicate collections and deleted it using the web browser - the three dot menu on the collection and delete. I was expecting that to just remove that duplicated collection (but accepted the risk that it might delete the duplicate and the original as well). I was surprised when it actually deleted several (5-6?) completely unrelated collections as well. Is there anything I might be doing that's getting my collections.xml file just randomly mangled? Note - I've read a few other threads, but this was not triggered by me moving media files, and I'm just using movies, it's NOT a mixed content library with any folders named 'collections' or anything. Typical examples would be: The "Westerns" collection included: \movies\0 - 9, A - B\310 to yuma (1957)\310 to yuma (1957).m4v \movies\M - N\magnificent seven (1960)\Magnificent Seven (1960).mp4 "Samurai" included: \movies\S\samurai spy (1965)\samurai spy (1965).m4v \movies\E - H\hidden blade (2004)\hidden blade (2004).mp4 And others... but since the collections disappeared it's nontrivial to recreate all the entries. This is the closest I've paid attention, but in the past I could have sworn I've had collections randomly disappear on me. Is disappearing collections a known issue? Thanks for your time, welcome any requests for additional debugging. ... Wait a second. This is really weird. Logging in to the server on my phone (rather than through a Chrome web browser on Windows) suddenly reveals all the original collections just as I created them. ... And moments later I can no longer log in through either interface. Strange. embyserver.txt embysvr.stdout.txt embysvr.stderr.txt
  2. So it would be nice if we could choose to hide libraries from the top instead of being forced to see it. See like in my case I would like to have movie collections and playlist but without them appearing on the top in libraries. And I was thinking that it would be a nice feature to be able to hide them if preferred because you can already access them from other areas. For examples for playlist you can just go under the music library and tap on playlist, or the collections is under movies. I'm not saying to completely remove them but to give the option to hide them. That would be a feature I would like to see in Emby
  3. So, I'm still going through the tweaks and fixes I need post upgrade and started working on collections. There was an odd duplication bug for auto-boxsets that have the old "[MB Auto Set]" in the name - the post-update rescan added a new copy of the collection without "[MB Auto Set]" but both were showing up in the Collections. The problem is that when clicking on either one and clicking edit metadata, both were pointing to the same folder instead of one to the old, one to the new. Easy enough to resolve, deleted any collections that had [MB Auto Set] and rescanned. Problem solved. But then I noticed that any collection I previously had made manually (i.e. not linked to a TMDB id) doesn't show up in the collections view anymore. I checked the server and the collections are still in the directory. The xml and images are still there. And even the Metadata manager still shows them. Did something change in the XML format that I need to update? I did notice that in the Metadata Manager, when I go to expand any of my manual collections, they don't show any movies under them unlike the auto collections.
  4. ISSUES Genres are messed up. I now have a "Science Fiction" genre and a "Science-Fiction" genre. I have zero movies or tv shows using "Science-Fiction" with the hyphen in the metadata. I specifically have to change this for every single science fiction tv show I add to my library because TVDB uses the name with a hyphen whereas TMDB does not and I want everything to match. When I click on "Science-Fiction" genre under Genres, it brings up all my science fiction movies/shows before the update. I double checked the metadata and nfos and I have it listed as just "Science Fiction" for all those movies/shows. But I also have a "Science Fiction" genre under Genres. If I click on that, it brings up the two science fiction movies I added to the library today post-update. So unless you have a fix, I'm going to have to go through almost 1000 movies and shows and delete the current science fiction genre in the metadata and then re-add it so they all are grouped into the same genre. No filter or sorting in Favorites depending on how you reach Favorites. 1. Click on Movies or TV Shows under My Media on the home screen and then click on Favorites from the top bar, it gives you no sorting or filtering. 2. If you click on Favorites from the home screen at the very top (Home / Favorites) then click on Favorite Movies or Favorite TV Shows, it will give you the filter and sorting options. This happens when using a browser on my desktop and also in the Android app. When you access Collections from the Home Screen under My Media, there's a single random year listed under every title of each collection. I can't make any sense what the date corresponds to. It's not the year of the earliest or latest movie in the collection. The date doesn't show up under the name of the collection if you go to Movies or TV Shows under My Media first and then select Collections from the top bar. All my chapter image extractions just disappeared. Not a big deal. But I'm wondering if all those GBs of images were deleted or do I need to go in and manually do so? I'm running the scan again right now. OPINIONS Totals are no longer listed. No idea how many movies or tv shows/episodes I have unless I go into statistics which I do not like at all. I think totals should be listed on just about everything. Movies, TV Shows, Collections, Favorites, Genres, etc. The big white bars with arrows to horizontal scroll in various places needs a redesign imo. The look seems out of place with the rest of it. I read in one of your comments to another user about the fact that there were so many fundamental changes to the database that its impossible to go back to a previous version. I think in the future it would be wise to give a pop up warning for automatic update users saying that it won't be possible to roll back to a previous version, remind users to do a backup and give the user a chance to defer the update until they are 100% ready. Only on the big updates that really change things like 4.0 did.
  5. neilmc

    Sports Collection

    Could we please get a sports collection type? Would like to build a collection that worked like Sport - year -- round ---session (optional) I would use this for the various racing series that i collect, but I could imagine that it would be useful for many other sports I'm not sure about metadata sources, tbh I'd be happy to manage the metadata myself as a start.
  6. This is a bit of a weird one. I have one particular movie (Ant-Man and the Wasp) that I cannot add to any Collection. When I add it, the "Items Added" message pops up but the movie never shows up in the intended Collection. I can add any other movie just fine, but not that one. The format is .mkv. I tried this in existing collections and created a new test collection, and it never shows up in any, even though other movies do. Are there any restrictions in regard to file format that would prevent it from adding to any given Collection or something else that I'm missing? Thanks.
  7. My searching skills seem to be lacking so I will ask these questions directly: Is there a way to select multiple files and add them all at once to a collection? Is there a way to have collections display in line with the movies and hide the contents of the collection? That is I want only one "Thin Man" entry when I am browsing but when I click on that entry I want to see all my "Thin Man" movies.
  8. Hi folks, I have two Media Maps in Emby (both with sub folders). One for my daughter and one for myself. We both have made Collections. I hope you can add some extra functionality to the Collections option. It would be very nice that the Collections can be separated per Media Map, otherwise we see each other collections and we really don't want that. Because I don't want her to see the movies that I watch By the way the folder view option is not working correctly on the Nvidia Shield (in the sort menu you can not select folder view) so all movies are displayed on the screen. On my TV (LG) however this function is working correctly. I hope you can also made this possible very soon on the Nvidia Shield because I prefer the Shield app above the LG App. Many thanks in advance. Nighthawk
  9. Enrique1980

    No collection appears

    No collection appears in the Android TV application. The server and the application are in the same LAN, in the application for Android phones they do appear, using the browser they also appear, in the Windows application they also appear. Any idea of the reason?
  10. Please can we have some changes so that when I view by GENRES, I see individual movies and collections? If a movie is a member of a defined collection, I want to see the collection rather than each movie listed that is in the collection. This could be a config choice setting too.
  11. I'm new to emby so it's likely I have something configured wrong or misunderstood requirements. But I have this error when attempting to play/shuffle a TV Collection. Each individual show can be played, as well as shuffling within the series. It's only the collection I'm having issues with. The error occurs on android, android tv (local) and the web client. My set-up I'm running emby docker (emby/embyserver:latest) on ubuntu 16.04.5 with an SSL nginx reverse proxy (linuxserver/letsencrypt). With this set up, my public https port number 443, emby is accessible at https://emby.domain.com. I've enabled "Secure connection mode: Handled by reverse proxy" in server settings > advanced as well as the "external url: emby.domain.com". I have no ports exposed directly to emby. The collection name is "Shuffle" - log attached - I see a lot of plain http requests to http://emby.domain.com:8096. BTW if there's an easier way to shuffle a group of shows (using android and android tv clients) I'd be happy to try an alternative. As far as I can tell, all other features appear to be working as intended. Any help or ideas appreciated. thanks - looking forward to becoming a lifetime member if I can get this issue resolved and do some more testing.
  12. When on a movie details screen I click on the three dots and choose add to collection, the collection screen comes up...However, when "New..." his highlighted I press the "A" button to select that dropdown nothing drops down even though I have several collections in there. Now when I use the web interface and do the same thing it works fine...the list of collections come up and I can add that particular movie to a collection. I have version of Emby on my Xbox One X and on my Qnap i have Emby Server version Thanks
  13. It would be a nice feature to show missing items in a Collection much like the current feature in Shows where it displays missing episodes. There are several instances where I didn't even realize sequels were available for a particular Collection until I searched themoviedb. Missing Collections items (meta data) could be pulled from themoviedb.
  14. At the time of creating a recording for either a series or one off, in the settings, have the ability to choose one or more collections the recording will be assigned to.
  15. It would be great to have either a "No Collection"-Collection in the overview or to Filter the library for "(Not) in a collection" so you can hide the media that is already covered in a collection.
  16. As per my post raised HERE , i was wondering about getting theme music to play on Emby collections from within Emby Classic. If i place a theme.mp3 in a manually created collection (old style folder structure), then from Emby Classic, the theme song plays when entering that collection. However, if I create an Emby collection, and place the theme.mp3 file in the collection folder (e.g. Toy Story [boxset] folder), then the theme song does not play in Emby Classic. It does play if I enter the collection from the web client, just not from the Emby Classic application. I hope this is something that could be implemented. Thank you.
  17. Beav

    Wrong Collection

    This is not major issue, however it is an annoyance. The collection plugin is creating a collection of 2 unrelated movies. The Incredible Hulk (2008) and Hulk (2003). It is putting them into a collection for the TV movies staring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno. Every time I delete to collection it will be rebuilt on the next scan. Any ideas on how to stop this?
  18. Hi All, Looking for some assistance. I have always manually created my boxsets (refer below layout), placing the theme.mp3 in the root folder, and viewed them in Emby Classic using Legacy Folder View. Toy Story Collection\ Toy Story (1995)\ Toy Story (1995).MKV folder.jpg backdrop.jpg etc. Toy Story 2 (1999)\ Toy Story 2 (1999).MKV folder.jpg backdrop.jpg etc. Toy Story 3 (2010)\ Toy Story 3 (2010).MKV folder.jpg backdrop.jpg etc. folder.jpg backdrop.jpg etc. theme.MP3 This setup has, and still is working fine. The issue I am having is with Emby created collections. I have recently started to convert my manual collections to Emby collection. Everything is working great visually except I am unable to get the theme.mp3 to play when i enter the collection, like it does for the legacy folder view. I have placed the theme.mp3 file in the Toy Story Collection [boxset] folder created by Emby when i grouped the movies into the collection. I have also tried placing the file into a sub folder theme-music\song1.mp3 but this didn't work. The theme song will play when entering a collection from the Web Client, but will not play from within Emby Classic. Within the Emby Classic configuration, I have Legacy View enabled, as well as Collapse Movies into Collections. I have also enabled Active Backgrounds. With these settings I am able to see both types of collections without issue. I can hear the theme.mp3 play when i enter a folder view collection, but it will not play when i enter an Emby collection. I tried disabling the Legacy Folder View just in case that was causing interference, but this did not work. Hoping someone can steer me in the right direction. It's the only thing stopping me from converting all of my collections over to Emby Collections. Cheers.
  19. adelphiaUK

    Movie Set Renaming

    OK, this is my bug report format. If it's OK no need to say but if you would prefer a different method, just let me know. Bug: "Collections" name doesn't follow renaming convention Severity: Cosmetic OS/Apps Effected: Web, LG TV, Android The OS/Apps Effected relate to hardware that I have access too. If it doesn't state other OSes, it's not that it doesn't exist, rather it's that I don't have the hardware to check for it.
  20. Hello all, I am hoping someone could offer some assistance. I have recently only started using Emby's collection feature (in the past I would create the Collection folder manually myself). I have set all of my Emby data (cache, metadata, trans-coding) saved locations to another drive on the server Emby is installed on. Everything is running extremely well, however I have a small hiccup regarding Collection metadata. By default, Emby looks for, and stores Collection metadata to it's default location of C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\data\collections I have added a new location to where I have all other Emby data stored, being \\MEDIA-SERVER\MediaBrowser\Collections I manually moved all existing data from the default location, to the new folder, and then removed the default location from the Library, leaving only the new location to monitor. Emby has no issue with this change, displaying the data as it should. However, after a library scan Emby creates a new library with the name Collections1, which has the default location listed against it. I can delete the Library Collections1, but it gets recreated automatically. Also, whenever I create a new collection, it continues to store the information in the default locations, instead of the new location as specified against the library. I have looked at the settings for Collections in Metadata Manager, but it only displays the default path of C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\root\default\Collections with no way of changing to the new location. Is there something I am overlooking to get Emby to store all newly created collection data to my new location of \\MEDIA-SERVER\MediaBrowser\Collections ? I am running Emby Server Version Thank you for any help you could offer. Cheers.
  21. RobWayBro and Collections

    Hello, I just updated to version and at my Collections are not displaying. It took a moment to realize that Collections now appear as a library, with a file path so I enabled the display for the users and the icon displays, but there is no content. The Collections library is directed to the path C:\Users\USERNAME\AppData\Roaming\Emby-Server\data\collections and there are collection folders under that, in each folder is and XML file and one or more jpg files. Thanks..
  22. H/W Server: Windows 10 / Intel NUC i5 Emby Server: Version 3.0.5782.0 Hi Forum - I have just been reading the Editing Collections thread. Since it has been asked and answered I did not want to continue to add to it since my question varies. My question is simply whether or not the Server Home>Settings>Display Settings>Group movies into collections duplicates the Auto Box Sets plug-in? I have had the plug-in installed for a few years but recently have struggled to keep all films included in collections after each Library Scan. Even after manually adding them, the next scan loses them even though each film contains the IMDB collection ID. I uninstalled the plug-in, went through the same process of manually adding the missing films (Austin Powers, Basic Instinct, Alien, etc) and reran the library scan only to lose the films I just added to the collections. Am I off base here? Currently I have un-installed the plug-in. Thanks, @Tanamur
  23. Hello everyone! I have a persistent problem with emby Collections that I just can't find an answer for. Any input would be appreciated... I have a large movie collection stored on a Synology NAS. My emby server is a Windows 10 tower. I'm running the latest emby server (auto update). I have about 100 Movie Collections that I have manually set up in emby. I have another 15-20 collections that I want to set up, but won't cooperate. Several odd things are happening... Multi-Select doesn't seem to work at all for this purpose (on ANY collection). When I multi-select the 4 or five movies that I want included in the collection, then hover over one of them and right-click and select "add to collection", it appears to work fine. However, when I then go to "Collections" and open that specific collection, it only has one movie in it - the one that I was hovering over when I right-clicked and chose "add to collection". The others simply aren't in there. ??? I end up having to add one movie at a time to the collection.... Some movies are not showing up properly in the collection. Let me explain...I'll use the Exorcist collection as an example. When I add the movies, one at a time to the "Exorcist" collection, all seems to work fine. However, when I go to "Collections" and look at Exorcist collection, it shows three of the movies as "Movies" (Exorcist 2, 3, and 4) and one of them as an "Other Item" (Exorcist 1). When I open and view the details of any of the 3 that are shown as "Movies", the info (metadata) looks perfect - meaning it is exactly the same metadata that I meticulously put into the movie via the Metadata Manager". However, when I look at the movie that the collection shows as an "Other Item", it has a completely different set of metadata from which I put into the movie. It has different images, genres, people, keywords, etc...across the board it is different metadata than the movie that I had set up in the Metadata Manager. Then, when I open the Metadata Manager and look at the Exorcist movies, it shows the Exorcist collection with all 4 movies under it (3 with correct metadata, and one with different and incomplete metadata) Interestingly, the one movie title that shows up with weird metadata (Exorcist 1 in this example), ALSO shows up as a "Movie" - separate from the collection. In other words, there are now two entries in the Metadata Manager for Exorcist 1 - one under the Exorcist collection heading, and a second one simply shown as a movie. the one shown as a movie has perfect metadata that I had originally put in myself. As previously mentioned, I have another 15 or 20 sets of movies that I would like to set up as collections, but I can't because most or all of the movies show up as "Other Items" when I try to add them to collections and have screwed up metadata associated with them. Usually it happens to all of the movies in that set, but not always. For example, all three movies in the "Hills Have Eyes" collection show up as "Other Items". Other sets behave like the Exorcist set where most of them show up as "Movies" and one or two show up as "Other Items". I have looked at the file structures of the movies involved and they look perfectly consistent with every other movie in my collection. I use Genre folders (Horror, Comedy, Action, etc...) under which I have individual movie folders such as "Exorcist 1", "Exorcist 2" etc... In each of these movie folders, I store the images and other metadata in the same folder as the movie. Further, I have had no issues with emby finding these movies with library scans. The movies in question look and act like every other movie. I can see them in the "Movies" folder. I can see and edit their metadata in the Metadata Manager. They show up properly in reports. In other words, I cannot find any evidence that these movies aren't set up properly in the file structures in which they live. I can provide screen shots of everything I am describing if that would help anyone understand the issue better. Thanks in advance to anyone that may be able to shed some light on this strange behavior. I am out of ideas...
  24. Grüß Gott, eine Frage bzw. Anregung. Gibt es eine Möglichkeit für die Musiksammlung eigene Sammlungen zu generieren, die nicht unter den Sammlungen für Filme erscheinen, sondern als eigene Musikcollections auftauchen. Denn Film- und Musiksammlungen gemeinsam werden schnelle unübersichtlich. Wenn nicht, wäre das vielleicht ein Feature, das in einer der nächsten Releases eingebaut werden könnte, wenn Interesse dafür besteht. bkh
  25. Okay, so out of nowhere I had two problems occur at once... Collections stopped working. Movies and TV are now displaying singular. I tried turning Collections off and back on, but it didn't help. My Adult library is set as "Home Videos and Photos". I did have two folders in it that were displaying correctly as movies (did not inherit). Now one of them (the actual Movies folder) has changed (it behaves as if it is storing videos) and I can't get it to change back. I did not receive any error messages and I have not tried any corrective actions yet for fear of making it worse. Since these two things happened at the same time, I am really concerned that an automatic update broke my system (which was working great). How do I fix this and should I turn updates off? Thanks. server-63654940800.txt server-63655027196.txt server-63655027200.txt server-63655084107.txt server-63655084144.txt server-63655113599.txt server-63655199996.txt server-63655200000.txt
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