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Found 10 results

  1. Currently, activating the pause-command on a Bluetooth headset doesn't pause playback on Android TV. I was wondering if this is something that's possible to add/enable? It's working with other apps such as Youtube, Prime, SmartYoutube etc.
  2. frane-rancic

    Autopause music

    Hi please add support to autopause music and video or if it is in setting where i can turn on. When i turn off my AirPods pro it wont stop it will still play content.
  3. anyone else hearing occasionally some audio crackles/distortions over a bluetooth speaker using the emby mobile app? i don't hear them using other apps and also not if using internal speaker android 8.1.0
  4. Hello all! I just moved from Subsonic (using DSub on Android mobile) to Emby for my music as well as my videos. And for the most part it is doing pretty well now. However, I noticed that an issue that had been reported for DSub is also currently manifesting itself in the Emby Android app in a very similar manner (with properly tagged and permissioned MP3 files). It has to do with BT metadata. It appears that, in Android 9 Pie, metadata display doesn't work like it used to with previous versions of the OS. Specifically, the song title is duplicated in the album name field now. I am not sure why this is but I think it may be only affecting those with Pie (I have a stock Google Pixel 2). I apologize in advance if this may have been already reported; I tried to find via the forum search but was unsuccessful. I have the most recent version of the Emby Android app as of this post. Many thanks!
  5. I'm using emby to stream my music library, and I connect to a JBL Extreme via bluetooth (I get the same issue connecting bluetooth in my Honda Odyssey). Everything works the first time I play a song/album/playlist (including all the items in the album/playlist). However when I switch song/album/playlist from one to another it will stop playing through bluetooth. I can see in the emby app the song is playing, my bluetooth still shows connected, the song progress bar moves and the EQ style bars also move, however no sound comes out. To get sound again I have to quit emby (not minimize), disconnect from bluetooth, reconnect to emby and choose another song/album/playlist. Importantly to note, I do not have this issue in my built in android music player (Google Play via S9+), I also don't have this issue with emby through a web browser and non bluetooth source (like PC audio). This makes it difficult to use dynamically, which otherwise is a nearly perfect interface for playing my library. Look forward to any troubleshooting steps.
  6. Hi, emby users and developer(s) I am use emby for android in my smartphone. This is program is good. but, I need more fuction.(for enjoy ^^) Emby for android is good. I want using to going to workplace(my office). I used bluetooth headset. But,,,,,,, wire recevier is no problem.... but,,,,, use bluetooth headset have some delay. every thing... (Not matched sync...) I want make sync option(s). (My smartphone Galaxy S7) Bes.t regards
  7. I’ve been having an issue for some time now with the NVidia shield and Emby. I watch most of my TV using Bluetooth headphones when I play them through Emby there is small amount of static in the sound, however if I select “correct playback” from the player everything is fine no static. I’ve tested this with multiple shields and headphones and the results are always the same. Is there any chance of having an option that toggles the “correct playback” on and off from the main settings so that all videos play from the start with ether “correct playback” on or off, instead of having to enable it every time a video is played?
  8. sk1deep

    Emby music over bluetooth

    I have a weird problem with music on the emby android app. It plays fine through my phone speaker but when I try to play through a bluetooth headset I get extremely choppy playback. The only way I get it to work is to disconnect my headset, start the song then connect the headset. I have to do that every time I want to listen to a song. Tried on 2 different headsets. Video works fine over bluetooth.
  9. I have my Gen1 Firestick connected to Epson 2045 Projector which is paired with Yamaha Receiver thru Bluetooth. Emby app doesn't start and shows a blank screen when it's paired via bluetooth already. ( same happens when i pair Firestick with any bluetooth speaker connected to my TV ). If i unpair bluetooth speaker, emby opens up without any issue and i can quickly try to pair bluetooth speaker while Emby is opened in background and can use Emby then. I have tried to sideload Android Emby app onto Firestick and was able to use it when paired with bluetooth. Sorry for the repost, posting it with proper title to see if any others having same issue. Can anyone please check. https://emby.media/community/index.php?/topic/38784-unable-to-open-emby-app-on-firestick/ Can the Amazon Firestick app be fixed. thank you.
  10. Catsrules

    Music and Bluetooth

    So far I have been very impressed with Emby, for video as well as Music. There is just one thing that is driving me crazy Media does not Pause when a Bluetooth audio device is disconnected. For example, I play music from emby in my car over bluetooth. The idea is when I turn the car off the music will stop playing. This is what other Music/media apps do. However Emby continues to play the music and it switches to my built in speakers and I need to manual pause the music. Is there any way to enable this? I looked around but I couldn't see anything. I think I am at the mercy of the developers on this one.
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