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  1. MSattler

    Top of Cover Art cut off?

    I've used the Neo, and Arctic theme's, and with each the top of most Cover Art get's cut off. I'm using simple HD/SD covert art, and layered on top of each image it says HD or SD. Some Cover Art displays just fine but most of it, it cuts off the cover right above the H in HD. Anyone else seeing the same thing?
  2. I deleted some movies & Emby didn't sync the changes after an hour so I restarted Kodi. Would not sync again after that. Same error on 3 different installs. Ran the reset & letting it rescan while I sleep. Error same on all 3 logs... 02:29:25 T:1996 NOTICE: emby WebSocketThread -> Message : {"MessageType":"LibraryChanged","Data":{"FoldersAddedTo":[],"FoldersRemovedFrom":[],"ItemsAdded":[],"ItemsRemoved":[],"ItemsUpdated":["cf38b63530a0bc5199c064e466d5fb70","dbdaaa509d58f04a664f74a8ba914db1","9c6c5a524d92d4e595bafaf13f14340f","59100c01233a4e47b204f3b412488a6e","35c5a90e51674960ba1
  3. riffy

    Emby custom folders?

    With the latest builds the custom folders disappeared. I now only see TV Shows, Movies & Music Videos & nothing else. Wasn't it syncing the other folders as well before? Example: I have a folder of nothing but pilots in a folder set up so I can check out new pilots. Or another one I have that is news shows & national geographic shows. Both set up as "Home Videos" in Emby Server. I swear they where in the previous builds. Can't find any way to get to them now... These last builds got me to switch over from the old addon & finally made a fire tv stick actually useable no
  4. andcbii

    Stacked files

    I hope this is the correct place to post this. I can not get stacked file to work correctly with XBMB3C. Files are saved as: Lord of the Rings- The Fellowship of the Ring, The (2001) ->The Lord of the Rings- The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) - disc1.iso ->The Lord of the Rings- The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) - disc2.iso Combine split video items is set to yes. When i go to my MB website it correctly shows two parts I'm using Titan MediaBrowser Skin, XBMC 13.2
  5. Hey guys, I have looked all through the threads to see if anyone had my exact question and I couldn't find an exact answer. I think what I am trying to do is simple but I am missing something. Here is the set up: I have Linux Mint installed on my laptop. I have installed XBMC with the plugin via downloaded repo. If I configure XBMB3C with the address of the computer I have MBS on and I am in my house on wifi, it connects just fine, plays great with no issues. The Media Browser server is on my living room HTPC computer running with Windows 8. If I input my dynamic ip address I have
  6. Apologies if this has already been requested, I did a search but did not find it. We need the ability to download a copy of our media from the server. Those of us that do not have a constant or unlimited Internet connection need the ability to download our music and videos to the device. like a tablet that you want to take on a road trip etc. That would be awesome. Thanks.
  7. 6thstreetfisherman

    FR: x265 codec

    It would be great if you could update the ffmpeg and add option for x.265 it use half the space of x.264 and same quality. I have slowly start moving my file into x265 but it does seem to recognize them anymore and im assuming that because of the the ffmpeg using not built with x265. Thanks
  8. Just a request to ask Cheesegeezer if he could please add a link on the amazing Subdued Theme to allow the user to display Upcoming TV shows as it does via MB3 Server by navigating to http://localhost:8096/mediabrowser/dashboard/tvupcoming.html I just tried out the new Square Theme and the addition of the Upcoming TV shows link is really valuable and I think a must have on every theme, not just Subdued. Just an idea to help continually improve the best theme out there imho Big thanks to Cheesegeezer once again for resurrecting this great theme.
  9. Hiya I really like the understated style of subdued theme and find it more WAG friendly than other themes. I now use it on all 4 of the HTPCs in the house. I do have one feature I miss compared to the theme I used to use back in the days of MB2 - having the director listed (and linked) in the overview - in the same way genre's are (and actors are in the cast view). Is there any way this could be added, either to the overview page (ideally) or under it's own heading at the top of the cast page? Cheers
  10. Is this possible for the android client? Right now when I rip a CD my new media list is filled up with all the songs pushing all movies and shows off the list..
  11. I have tagged all my photos for easy finding them. To see those photos in tag order I have to switch from "Index None" to "Index Genre". To do this it take a few steps and it would be very handy if this can be done much faster with an easy switch between the different index options. For example the standard image viewer in MC7 has this option to move easily between the different options. See the image. If this can be done for Photos that would be great.
  12. In the ThemeVideo Backdrops for MediaBrowser Classic plugin, I would like to have the choice to fall back to theme audio (and static backdrops) after the theme video has finished. Ideally, I would like to play the theme video first then play the theme song on infinite loop while image backdrops rotate (at least until the screen saver kicks in). Thanks!
  13. candybar213

    roku search bar

    we have over 350 movies and 35 tv shows with every episode my oldest son would like me to request a search in the roku app so he can type in the name of a movie or title of the tv episode and it would be able to take him to it quickly. Thanks for any consideration
  14. Subdued MBC could use a menu choice to get to search, perhaps in the Options menu next to "Sort By" and "Group By". Only being able to access it by the yellow button or CTRL-S is too obscure for many users of my HTPC (myself included!)
  15. Hello Lee, When clicking in the "Recently added" list of TV Shows, the last X shows are being displayed. In the detailed view, would it be possible to add the name of the TV Show next to the name of the episode ? This would help the user quickly know which new TV show he has in his collection, since usualy the episode names are not that much talkative. Thank you
  16. Hi Lee, Was wondering if it would be possible to have the option when the Movie Theme plugin is installed Crystal would play the theme as a default. If there is no theme but there is a trailer for Crystal to play the trailer. Currently I've found you have to choose either or - if there is a Theme Crystal will start to play that, then will load the trailer.... I'm not sure if this is a Crystal feature, Movie Theme plugin feature or an actual MB feature. Sorry if I've posted in the wrong area. James
  17. Hi Lee, You know I love both of your themes! And you are constantly updating them to make them even better. I'd like to request a little more work from you, LOL. Would you consider adding Display Specials Within Seasons as seen here? Thank you so much!
  18. When I setup collections in MB3 does not use the folder.jpg file located in the root of the collection folder. There was only one, so it could not get confused. MB2.6 used it automatically. The fix is to open the web interface and manually select the folder.jpg in every single collection I setup. Yes, I only have to go through that pain once for every collection, but it is still painful. I would like to see MB3 parse the base folder locations for a collection and, if there is only one folder.jpg, automatically select it. If not, then either ask which the user wants or default to th
  19. AlwinHummels


    Can ROC be localizable or is this already possible? If yes how? If no Please add support to it
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