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Try the new Media Browser for Roku Beta




The official private beta channel has relaunched with a new store address:




The public channel is soon to follow.


This release adds a long list of new features:


* Added remote control support

* All video features are now consistent across all video types (movie, episode, home video, etc)

* Most data is now background loaded for a more responsive presentation

* Image indicators are now available on all screens

* Display clock in top right of home page

* Support WakeOnLan

* Added logo screen saver

* Added new splash screen

* Updated theme to a darker, flatter style

* Added placeholder for custom themes, to be implemented later

* Added support for latest api features. New progress api's are used to report additional information to the server.

* Added user configurable device display name (for reporting activity to the server)

* Server now detects when the client goes offline (within 1 minute), rather than waiting for an idle timer

* Detail page image shape is chosen automatically based on image aspect ratio, rather than item type

* All folder types can now be browsed, including games. Some will use the video detail screen when selected.

* Cast & Crew added to video page

* Added now playing context menu to song list page, with next, previous, shuffle, and loop functions

* Stopping an intro is now able to prevent playback of the main feature

* Support automatic selection of optimal media source

* Increased possibilities of direct play video

* Add additional checks against direct play to avoid it based on new criteria

* Support user's configured audio and subtitle language preferences

* Display transcoding info in video screen OSD

* Servers are saved using friendly name reported by the server

* Support channels

* Support video playlists



Try Remote Control With the Web Client


IT'S FUN!, and supports all your favorite features such as "Play To", display mirroring, and directional controls.






Or, Remote Control with our Windows 8.1 app:


The roku is also easily controlled with 7Illusions excellent windows 8.1 tablet app:
















Downloadable Zip File


The zip file is also downloadable for easy installation on Now TV. Simply visit:




Then Download the Zip from the file list (MediaBrowser.Roku.zip):





Open Source (and free)


As we go forward with the channel, we have a lot of new features planned and are looking for more contributors. Brightscript is easy to learn, and everyone is welcome to contribute. Now is your chance to step up.




For more information see:



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fckin awesome !!

love the remote play function..

well done guys

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