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Emby for iOS Updated with Improved Performance, New Themes and More



Emby for iOS 1.9.2 has been released. Here are the highlights:


Improved Performance


Scrolling performance in the app has improved considerably. The paging buttons are gone and you can now easily flick your way through large lists. The A-Z pickers have also been improved and will help you scroll through large libraries more easily.


Other Improvements

  • New Black theme option
  • Redesigned menu for add to Playlist and add to Collection
  • Various fixes and improvements for Camera Upload

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J'aimerais avoir plus d'informations sur la fonction auto de la qualité video. Est-ce qu'elle est ajusté en temps réel pendant la lecture d'un contenu ou seulement avant de commencé une lecture et est-ce qu'on parle ici seulement de transcodage pour rendre la video compatible ou bien aussi de l'ajustement (bitrate, mbps) selon la vitesse du client disponible? 

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