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Radeon's Theme Contributors Network



OK, So a new and pretty powerful feature had been rolled out to the most part of the Radeons Plugin Collection


A few users have mentioned to me about contributing to the theme video/music cause since its release last year. Realising this is a complicated and long winded process, I have been thinking about various ways to get this done as easily as possible.


In comes the 'Theme Contributors Network'


What is the contributors network?

By becoming involved in the contributors network, the theme videos and music you have manually added to your media will automatically be uploaded and added to a new 'contributors database'.


Only those who are part of the contributors network will get access to the theme videos and music that other users have also automatically uploaded too


If you do not want to be part of the contributors network, that's OK, just simply go into the themes configuration page after the update and untick the box theme contributions box and click Save below.


What do you have to do?

Nothing more than what you already are. With a view to everyone getting access to the most amount of themes available, the option is already enabled so if you are already adding the odd one or two themes here and there to your collections, just by leaving the tick box ticked and the letting the scheduled task to run, you will get access to all other users automatic contributions and your own contributions will be automatically loaded.


Anything else you might want to know?


Role Out

The Theme Contributors Network is now available on the TV Theme Video, Movie Theme Video and Movie Theme Music Plugins.

Size Limits

As this is such a new idea, I'm a little unsure as to the bandwidth and space required, so for the initial release, theme videos above the size of 100mb were rejected. Now, anything below 100mb will be made automatically available and those above 100mb will be processed server side before being made available.


Resolution Limits

With a view to keeping the theme video quality as high as possible, any theme videos below 720 will also be rejected. I would really like to set this to 1080 but i think thats being a little over the top!



Whilst I hope I have covered everything off, there may be some issues with the uploads that I haven't been able create, spot or have occurred, every setup is bound to be slightly different, from upload speeds to theme video formats. So please bare with me and post/pm/email me any issues you might come across.


Cheers, Radeon

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Recommended Comments



Will automatic uploads reviewed by a moderator first before rolling a theme out to other clients?

How to report bad uploads?


Just in case some "funny" ppl use pr0n backgrounds or something like that.

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Good question! With a view to making the network as dynamic as possible, the themes are made available automatically, however, they are periodically checked, for quality, accuracy and well, as you say pr0n rather than the correct theme!

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How about Theme videos for shows that are old and wouldn't be greater than 640x480?

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