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Emby Server 3.0.5930 Released




Important: This version will perform a database upgrade after installation. This process could take a little while. Please be patient.


Updated Server Dashboard


The server dashboard is new and improved, and looks great whether you're on a desktop, tablet, or smart phone.




Support For New HDHomerun Media Info


New media information from the HD Homerun json api has been incorporated. You'll now see more direct play and stream copy of live tv than ever before. Microsoft Edge can now direct stream your live tv thanks to it's support for AC3 audio!


Improved Transcoding For Microsoft Edge and Opera


Dramatic improvements have been made here. You'll now see more remuxing (stream copy), and very little video transcoding. Chrome users have been enjoying this feature for several months now. This also includes Emby Theater on Xbox One!


New In-Browser rendering of ASS / SSA subtitles


This is a real treat for anime fans as it is no longer necessary to burn them in with transcoding. Styles are even preserved:





  • Fix block by tags
  • Fix dynamic images replacing custom images
  • Fix sync quality cannot be changed
  • Fix collection (boxset) grouping
  • Fix EMC queries
  • Fix channel playback on apple devices
  • Fix default audio track detection


Other Changes

  • Improve identify feature
  • Improve support for embedded video metadata
  • Add subtitle option to only download subtitles that are a perfect match
  • Restore yesterday in upcoming episodes screen
  • Improve guest invitation error messages
  • Windows: Install .net 4.6 framework if not already present
  • Exclude trailers from suggestion headers
  • Update subtitle encoding
  • Windows: Update ffmpeg
  • Update Dlna server friendly name
  • Handle empty album artists list when probing music

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I agree the server manager UI refresh is great :) Good job !

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Great idea for the new UI. But i can't play anything now... 

I've tried to stop & restart emby-server but nothing has changed.


Tested with Safari 9.1, Chrome 50 (OS X) and Emby for iPhone. Same problem with my 4 accounts... :/  

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tomcdj, did you let the database update finish? Not sure what would happen if you killed it midway.

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tomcdj, did you let the database update finish? Not sure what would happen if you killed it midway.


I think... My browser refreshed the Emby tab during 1-2 hours. The last time i've checked i was around 80 percents...  

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