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Emby for Roku - Now with multi-language support!

Posted by ebr , 08 July 2019 · 1657 views

A new version of our Roku app has been rolling out and, in addition to several other quality, consistency and performance improvements, the app now supports a full array of language translations - even more than the Roku devices themselves do!


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The default setting will follow your Roku device setting but, if you'd like a different language that the Roku itself doesn't support, you can select it in the options. Our translations are an ongoing community project. If you'd like to help, just sign on to OneSky and look for the "Emby" project (thanks in advance!).


In addition to language support, many behind the scenes and general functionality improvements have been made both enhancing the functionality in this app as well as bringing the presentation more in line with our other TV apps.


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Some of the improvements include:

  • Better playback error handling
  • More consistent displays across the board
  • Improved image displays in folder views
  • Implement "Still Watching" for Live TV
  • Improved Genre views
  • Updates for upcoming server version
  • Various fixes for minor issues

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It’s a nice touch to add multi language support but just a FYI that Roku devices don’t support double byte encoding subtitles like Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Thai, etc.
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