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Emby Server Hotfix Release available soon...

Posted by ebr , 11 March 2019 · 9511 views

If your library contains folder format media - this is only old disc style VIDEO_TS and BDMV folders - then be on the lookout for this new release and update as soon as possible.


If your library does not contain that kind of media or you do not allow delete privileges for your Emby users then none of this applies to you and you can continue on your way... :)


The issue


With only these old-style disc rip formats it is possible that using the Emby UI to delete one of them could potentially delete much more than just that one item.


The Fix


Emby Server will fix this problem.


What to do until you have the new version


In the meantime, if you have folder-based media as described above do not use the Emby UI to delete any of these items. You may wish to remove the delete privilege from all of your users until you can update. If you do not have this type of media then there is no problem. Also, this issue can only occur if you specifically request to delete one of these items and only one of these types of items. Emby will not go deleting things during normal operation or under any other circumstance. Also deleting any other file-format item (mkv, mp4 etc.) is still safe. This includes any and all Emby DVR recorded items.


We sincerely apologize for this issue and have moved as quickly as we can to rectify it once it was properly diagnosed.


Thanks for your support.

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Hey finally now plz update all of your social media channels with pinned posts in order to mitigate further data loss caused by your software, which should have been done a week ago.  plz k thx.

How can you be a media server company, whose software accidentally deletes users entire libraries of software, and not be more proactive trying to remedy this situation?


Why is it that users themselves are the ones having to take to your social media platforms in order to publicize this upgrade.


How is it that users care more about protecting their libraries from you buggy software than you do?

hi thx for the update,

When u will Add a limit connection per user ?

i thoget with a liecens setver i will get this fetur , but there is not...

kindly respon..



i will not say plex or other server’s out there alreay have this fetur,and many emby user asking and talking about it . i chose emby cuz i find it good and better and worth to buy a primere acount . but with this feture it will be perfect . next day after Add on , i will update my other servers ;)

“Good Job Keep Up the Good work

I have never used this format to store my files as I prefer mkv or sometimes mp4 for my video files so that explains why it never effected me but I was nervous about using that "Delete" button!


Thanks for chasing it down and rolling out a fix.


BTW, To do this update, I had to go to the local machine as it wouldn't kick off from a remote client. Expected?

Hey guys, could you kindly also update "latest" on the dockerhub container?

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Hello. this is the first time I want to use emby on my samsung smart tv. My tv is ES 2012. could you guide me how can i use this app to download some apps such as YOUTUBE and TED on my TV. Best Regards

I'm using the convert functionality to convert to mobile format, e.g, smaler files. However, this does not work as Emby does not copy the file to the same folder as the original one. Hope for a fix on this soon.

Mar 13 2019 08:42 PM

So when is this actually being released?   Emby's Dashboard has been tell me for 3 days to update but there isn't an update out for the container.  

Probably one of the reasons I foresaw, other than it makes sense to not let other people delete stuff from my server, for not allowing delete access even for myself.

The account running Emby on my server is a non-admin and doesn't even have write privileges on both the filesystem and share permissions (media is added use the UNC path), changes are made from a privileged account locally/over the network so nothing is accidental.

Mar 20 2019 10:44 PM
We have always supported
Apr 11 2019 01:54 PM
It's been a month now... This is pretty sad. What's up?
I mean, for anything I don't want to delete, I just make sure my emby service account doesn't have write/delete privileges (ie. my movie collection). Let's not be dumb on data management folks, ALL management software will eventually bite you as it has me in the past. Learn from it and ensure it doesn't happen to you again in the future. And if you're running emby as root, you deserve anything that happens next.

Emby need write permission because it is write more info about video into folder, ye, you may put that data anywhere but i like it there. But yes, i will like that delete button to be removed. I do not care about it. If you want to delete it install file manager and delete file or go to file and delete it. I do not beleive that is a problem.

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