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Apple TV - Now with less transcoding

Posted by ebr , 29 January 2019 · 3737 views

A major update to the Apple TV app that includes a new custom player that can direct play more content is rolling out now.


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You should get much more direct playback support as we are no longer completely dependent on the Apple player capabilities. We hope to continue to improve format support in the future as well.


Also in this release:


* Fixed an issue where searching was not working on server versions 4 and above
* Fixed an issue where you could not view latest photos from the home screen
* Fixed an issue where the duration was not displayed on the movie detail screen
* Fixed an issue where selecting subtitles, audio tracks or versions required you to select them twice
* Fixed an issue where the playlists collection was not selectable from the home screen


Update or install now on your supported Apple TV device.

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You guys are just incredible. Bigger than life.
Liking the direct playback of Emby recordings off of antenna, which is the majority of our usage. Makes it faster to use, especially when skipping before it's been transcoded.

Thank you so much for this awesome update! Truly incredible.


Nice. thanks for that improvement. Is the Apple TV 4K now on the same level as the Nvidia Shield (Atmos, DTS:X, 4K)?

I'm not an Apple TV user, but more native playback support is awesome regardless of the platform :)

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Marcelo Martins
Feb 10 2019 06:47 AM

Thank you for the improvements. I would like to report a problem, now the subtitle is too large. I ask that this problem be solved.

Amazing work. I am now using the Apple TV 4K for everything, only falling back to the Intel NUC for movies with HD audio. Never regretted that Premiere subscription. Thanks for all your efforts.