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Emby Theater 2.1.9 Released

Posted by Luke , 12 April 2016 · 5192 views

It's been exactly a month since we first announced availability of Emby Theater for Windows and the Web. During that time, a lot of exciting, community-driven development has taken place and we're pleased to announce new features that are available.


Try it Now


Windows: http://emby.media/emby-theater.html
Chrome, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Firefox: http://emby.media/em...heater-web.html
Xbox One: http://emby.media/em...er-xboxone.html


External Players


We're working extremely hard on the internal player, but if you need an external player, it's now possible to use one.


Posted Image


Youtube Trailers


If you have Youtube trailer urls defined in your NFO metadata, these are now supported. Best of all, it plays with the same on-screen controls as regular video, so you can hardly even tell it's coming from Youtube.


Posted Image


Ends At


Sometimes it's useful to know when a video will end, and so we've added that to a number of screens throughout the interface.


Posted Image


Display Mode


A new display mode setting has been added allowing you to choose between display modes of Desktop, TV, and Tablet. Currently this setting will control some minor details such as visibility of scroll bars, the on-screen keyboard, etc. But you can probably guess the future direction of this app based upon this setting, and we promise it's very exciting.


Posted Image


Web Version - In Browser Rendering of SSA/ASS Subtitles


Look ma, no transcoding! This is a real treat for anime fans as it is no longer necessary to burn them in with transcoding. Styles are even preserved:


Posted Image


Please note - this requires Emby Server 3.0.5930 or later (currently in beta).


Leave Your Mark on Emby Theater


This is truly a community driven app and your feedback is directly impacting what we're working on. What would you like to see in Emby Theater? Join the community and let us know:




A New Community-Built Photo Screensaver


Try it out here:




Fork the Default Skin


Can you do HTML and JavaScript? Then why not fork the default skin?




Let us know what changes and improvements you're able to come up with. You can even release your forked version to the Emby community!

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External player is broken? or is it designed to show you a paywall then when you press esc, open your media player?

http://tv.emby.media/ still has v2.0.1, or at least that's what it says in the options.

Yeah, mine shows v2.0.1 as well and has no options for External Player. Probably just taking some time to propagate to the server.

Yeah, mine shows v2.0.1 as well and has no options for External Player. Probably just taking some time to propagate to the server.


The web version is always up to date, so in that sense it doesn't need to display a version number. Perhaps I will just hide it. FYI - the web version cannot launch programs so you will need the installed windows version for that.

trying to use virtual clone drive to mount an image then let autoplay launch the external player (TMT6 in my case).  I get the error below.  Is this a server passing the path error? I'm setting it up just as I would the legacy program.




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