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Switch Users from inside MBC

Posted by ebr , 05 December 2013 · 2335 views

mbc classic
New, much easier way to switch user profiles in MB Classic

Starting with version it will be much easier to manage a mult-user profile setup with MBC. As each theme gets it implemented, you should have an easy button somewhere on the interface to allow you to select a different user profile than the one you are currently within.

The below images show where this button is in chocolate and the default theme. Subdued also implements this new feature. If you don't use one of those themes, ask your theme dev to get this into your favorite theme as soon as they can.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

This will make it much easier to manage multiple users and parental control settings. You can configure each MBC installation to automatically log on to the profile you use most often and then easily switch between it and other profiles as you wish. The next start of MBC will then go into your default profile again.

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Awesome!!! You are seriously the best man! I like this a lot better than your first response to me. :) Lol

Now it's better ! Now I can also set MB3C to autologin to the default user and still be able to switch user If I need (before was impossible).


To reach the perfection should be implemented also these features:


1) Remove the initial spash-screen when switch user (nice to have)

2) After the switch try to restore the same browser collection that was selected at the moment of the switching (more than nice to have)



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